our staycay at the hyatt regency mission bay

So, a couple months ago I decided to go through my blog email and get rid of some junk.  
If you're a blogger, then you know all the "pitches" that come through, most of which...um, suck.
{and sometimes makes me wonder what kind of blog they think i have!}

But the title of one in particular caught my eye...

Enjoy a one-night stay at San Diego’s Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Marina – with or without your kids. It’s our treat!

My immediate thought, of course, was...this can't be true.  
It's much too good to be true...
But after a few back and forth emails, where I mostly checked and double checked that the catch didn't include having to promise my firstborn child to them....I realized it was legit, and who was I to pass up a complimentary hotel stay???

{they didn't even tell me to write about it...but in the words of charlie sheen..."duh!"...after all they did for me how could i not?!?}

Of course, at first I wanted to go alone.  
But Jimmy found that rude.
So, I decided to invite him....and leave the kids.

But then because my life is all kinds of exciting, I decided to have gallbladder surgery the weekend of our romantic trip, and sadly had to use that one weekend we had to leave the kids with the grandparents... instead to hang out with the elderly patients.

Change of plans forced us got us looking on the bright side of things, and what better than to reschedule the trip and make it a FAMILY event?!?  
A staycay if you will.
{that word makes me shudder...can't believe i'm using it!}
We built it all up as a family fun night full of bonding and love.

And besides the 5 year old who can apparently stay up till midnight and the 2 year old who I guess likes to burst into intermittent crying spells ALLLLLL through the night....
it was exactly that....
full of bonding and memories.
{and a realization that sharing a one bedroom with kids will never happen again.}

{our gorgeous hotel}



{15th floor, views from our balcony}

{we could also see the 3 amazing pools which have the most FUN waterslides EVERRRRRRR}

{our room, so chic}

{sleek and modern bathroom}

{compliments of the hotel, which also came with a handwritten note just for moi!  brain swell.}

{totally renting one of these next time, and there will be a next time!}

{this gym made me want to workout more than ever...i mean, just look at the view...
too bad these s'mores needed to be made instead...}

{walking the hyatt's private marina where we got to see stingrays and baby shark(ish) fish}

{my most amazing view!}

{have you ever seen a more stylish heat lamp???  need, want, love!}

{making s'mores in one of the many fire pits on the resort grounds}


{guess he likes 'em well done!}


{the ONLY moments of silence during the trip}

{sunset view from our room}

I have to say, we were treated amazingly....and we were SO impressed with all the amenities, views, and things to do in the area, that we talked about actually booking a (2 bed)room this summer for an entire weekend and pretending we were actually somewhere outside of our hometown.  

I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I am so thankful we got to enjoy our time as a family....
even if it meant coming home and napping for 2 hours the next day.

© 2011 "Le Musings of Moi"