It's Wiki Wiki wack!

I'm a girl who likes to shop. I love fashion, love decor, love love love getting the best deal.

Sound like you?

Then I have to tell you about one of my newest fave sites, ShopWiki.com. Freaking love this site.

Say you want to buy a designer purse. It's your first one, and you want to be sure you get the best one for the best deal. Okay, easy. Go to Designer Purse Buying Guide, and you get more than enough knowledge to help you in your pursuit.

Or, okay...you're a mom. And you finally found a ton of time to start getting that scrapbook you've always wanted to do. Great! Go to the Scrapbooking Buying Guide, and it takes you through step by step of all the things you could possibly need, where to get them, and how to get a great deal. No detail is left untold. Your scrapbooking experience will be just that much better.

Okay, so designer purses and scrapbooking aren't your thing?

What if you're going on a road trip and you want to figure out what exactly you should have in your car on the off chance anything could go wrong. Wellllll, go to the Emergency Road Kit Buying Guide....and what do you know? A complete comprehensive list of everything you need, why you need it, and where to get it.

And there's more.

Guides to Networking, Health Care, Kid Stuff, Pets, Weddings, and the list. goes. on.

Need help buying a gift for that hard to shop for person in your life? They even have thos kinds of buying guides for you.

ShopWiki is also growing (as any a-mazing site should!), so if you have to be overseas or will be traveling overseas....ShopWiki is your guide there as well. France, UK, Australia and more....

I'm telling you, Google needs to watch it's back. ShopWiki is up and coming, and I'm in love.

ShopWiki is haute. In fact, it's wiki wiki wack! In a good way, I mean.


  1. Um, did I miss the "free maid guide" cause I totally didnt see it on there.


    Very cool site. I will have to do some serious internet window shopping, complete with a guide (in case I get lost)

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm going there now. Sounds like my kind of site!

  3. sounds like a great site. will check it out for sure.

  4. hi wow, love your blog, I'll be following too... I checked out the shopwiki site, but as you say, it's a directory, not a store... it sends you off to stores, I was hoping for a whole new store! Maybe I'll find a new one there.. hope so, so bored with what you can buy online in Australia... no where near the US range! bumma

  5. Wow, I never heard of wikishop before! Thank you for the post on it, I'm checking it out right now. J'adore!

  6. Don't you just love it when you visit someone's blog for the first time and then you realize they've just secretly tricked you into spending hours online shopping for God knows what and spending till you have no more money???

    thanks. haha!


  7. I will have to check it out!!!

    Stopping by from SITS

  8. Sounds awesome, I'm on my way! I love checking out others loves! Happy SITS sitsa!

  9. Ha, I really wanna check out ShopWiki. I'm an all-Wiki nut.

  10. choc full of fabulous grab! love this post. XoXO ♥ :)