Back to school shopping

The thing I love about the fall is that I have two reasons to go shopping. One, we have to get new clothes for back to school and two, it's fall and we need warmer clothes. And of course when shopping for the kids, a mom must also shop for herself, because if she didn't, well....that would just be wrong. At least in my universe.

As I always say, family means nobody gets left behind....in fashion.

It's just that, while some may call me a whimp, I am not quite brave enough to take my preschooler AND my infant into a shopping mall. At least not if I am hoping to have a magical shopping experience, and in all honesty, that shopping high is just something I am not willing to sacrifice.

So to the world wide web I go.

More specifically, Zappos.com.

And because I care about your shopping experience as well, let me just get you started with a few basics, and then send you on your way to enjoy your very own shopping high that only Zappos can bring you.

Since we as moms always have to think about others first, let's begin with the children, shall we?

Looking for the perfect cute shirt to send little Jr. off to his first day of school? You can get no cuter than this button up right here.

And for the princess in your life, nothing says "I have style" more than this little number here.

And now that we have the kids taken care of, we can't leave the momma or, okay, even daddy left out.

I am DYING over this amazing dress here, and my man will look just as dapper in this standing next to me.

Okay, so now that you have just a little taste of the shopping bug, head over to Patagonia on Zappo's yourself and enjoy the magic.

Brought to you by your friends at Zappo's.

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