Pork Chop Kids

Now that Chloe is crawling all over the freaking place, I have become a big fan of leg warmers and long socks. Of course I love that they add style, but I love just as much that they protect her innocent little bare skinned knees.

Just recently Mom Fuse gave me the opportunity to try the adorable thigh high socks from Pork Chop Kids. (Sounds risky, but they're not. I promise.)

When they came in the mail, they arrived in this adorable little gift box that made me even more excited to open them.

I immediately put them on my girlie girl, then she proceed to rock those socks all over our apartment!

Okay, so here's what I really love about them vs. the leg warmers I've been using. They don't fall down!!! No matter how crazy she gets in her need for speed, these babies stay up.

I must mention how adorable they are, and how much attention is drawn to Chloe girl when she wears them. And you know how us girls love attention.

Here's whats cool. Pork Chop Kids is offering a discount code to all my readers. So, go check out their website and order some either for you or if you don't have baby girl knees to protect, they would always make an amazing gift. Make sure to use the code: MOM10 for 10% off

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  1. I've never heard of leg warmers to protect your babies knees. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!