Battle of Model's Skin Care

First off let me introduce the two models battling it out.

First up we have Heidi Klum with In an Instant:

In An Instant® -- Brought to you by another hot, top model mom, Heidi Klum, In An Instant® is a great, fun line for those 20- to early 30-something moms or daughters who are looking for products that work instantly to minimize those tiny lines that might start appearing and need great products to cleanse, moisturize and prep their skin for the day. It's fast and easy.

Every In an Instant product addresses the skin’s varying needs in a different and dynamic way. Together, the system cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lifts, firms, minimizes the look of pores, stimulates collagen production and imparts a healthy glow. In a few effortless yet enormously effective steps, they give users a complete skincare routine in a minimal amount of time. The 30 day program consists of the following products:

Gentle Foaming Cleanser: With its rich-foamy texture and hydrating ingredients it removes makeup instantly and maintains skin’s protective moisture barrier without stripping skin of its natural oils.

Intensive Firming Serum: Its peptide technology reduces deep wrinkles, softens the appearance of fine lines and evens skin tone.

Instant Wrinkle Smoother: It instantly plumps fine lines and dramatically diminishes the look of deep vertical lines.

Instant Daily Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 15: It hydrates and protects skin from UVA and UVB rays. Its Smart Indicator shows how much coverage it’s giving.

Instant Warming Scrub: With its skin warming action, it reduces pore size and dramatically resurfaces skin.

At only $39.95, the 30-Day In An Instant Intro Kit is a tremendous value.
Visit InAnInstant.com for more information.

Next up we have Cindy Crawford with Meaningful Beauty:

Meaningful Beauty® -- By beautiful mother/entrepreneur/super model, Cindy Crawford, the Meaningful Beauty® skin care line is an age maintenance regimen that combines a powerful antioxidant with luxurious anti-aging ingredients in beautiful packaging. The line includes a day moisturizer, a night treatment, a gentle cleanser, a great-smelling, pore-refining toner, a deep cleaning facial masque, a depuffing, brightening eye treatment, a neck and décolleté treatment (an often ignored area that gives us away!) and a glowing serum (a model's secret!). Meaningful Beauty® is great for every day and, beautifully packaged, making it gift worthy as well.

For an introductory kit at $29.95, go to MeaningfulBeauty.com


Now, you must know. I have been trying out these products for the last two months. I wanted to use them for a good amount of time so that I could really inform you as to how I liked them. And I have to say, while In an Instant wins this round, Meaningful Beauty wasn't far behind.

In an Instant has an incredible smell that is so soothing and sweet. And in just seconds after applying the products, your skin is softer than a baby's bootie. It's incredible how quickly you see and feel results. I really really loved this entire set, and will most likely be ordering myself a few of the items.

But, on the other side of the ring....

Meaningful Beauty, although a bit heavier then In an Instant, really grew on me after a few weeks. It took my skin a bit of time to adjust to it, but once it did, my skin began to glow.

I really love both of their skin care lines, and feel confident in recommending them to all my readers.

So, in my expert opinion, let me help you decide which to go with:

20-30somethings? You will probably want to go with In an Instant. I honestly know you will love it.

40 on up? Go with the Meaningful Beauty. You will not be disappointed.

We all want to look like a super model, right? Now we can!

Ding ding.

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