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Natalie W. of The Book Inn

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Battle of Model's Skin Care

First off let me introduce the two models battling it out.

First up we have Heidi Klum with In an Instant:

In An Instant® -- Brought to you by another hot, top model mom, Heidi Klum, In An Instant® is a great, fun line for those 20- to early 30-something moms or daughters who are looking for products that work instantly to minimize those tiny lines that might start appearing and need great products to cleanse, moisturize and prep their skin for the day. It's fast and easy.

Every In an Instant product addresses the skin’s varying needs in a different and dynamic way. Together, the system cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lifts, firms, minimizes the look of pores, stimulates collagen production and imparts a healthy glow. In a few effortless yet enormously effective steps, they give users a complete skincare routine in a minimal amount of time. The 30 day program consists of the following products:

Gentle Foaming Cleanser: With its rich-foamy texture and hydrating ingredients it removes makeup instantly and maintains skin’s protective moisture barrier without stripping skin of its natural oils.

Intensive Firming Serum: Its peptide technology reduces deep wrinkles, softens the appearance of fine lines and evens skin tone.

Instant Wrinkle Smoother: It instantly plumps fine lines and dramatically diminishes the look of deep vertical lines.

Instant Daily Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 15: It hydrates and protects skin from UVA and UVB rays. Its Smart Indicator shows how much coverage it’s giving.

Instant Warming Scrub: With its skin warming action, it reduces pore size and dramatically resurfaces skin.

At only $39.95, the 30-Day In An Instant Intro Kit is a tremendous value.
Visit InAnInstant.com for more information.

Next up we have Cindy Crawford with Meaningful Beauty:

Meaningful Beauty® -- By beautiful mother/entrepreneur/super model, Cindy Crawford, the Meaningful Beauty® skin care line is an age maintenance regimen that combines a powerful antioxidant with luxurious anti-aging ingredients in beautiful packaging. The line includes a day moisturizer, a night treatment, a gentle cleanser, a great-smelling, pore-refining toner, a deep cleaning facial masque, a depuffing, brightening eye treatment, a neck and décolleté treatment (an often ignored area that gives us away!) and a glowing serum (a model's secret!). Meaningful Beauty® is great for every day and, beautifully packaged, making it gift worthy as well.

For an introductory kit at $29.95, go to MeaningfulBeauty.com


Now, you must know. I have been trying out these products for the last two months. I wanted to use them for a good amount of time so that I could really inform you as to how I liked them. And I have to say, while In an Instant wins this round, Meaningful Beauty wasn't far behind.

In an Instant has an incredible smell that is so soothing and sweet. And in just seconds after applying the products, your skin is softer than a baby's bootie. It's incredible how quickly you see and feel results. I really really loved this entire set, and will most likely be ordering myself a few of the items.

But, on the other side of the ring....

Meaningful Beauty, although a bit heavier then In an Instant, really grew on me after a few weeks. It took my skin a bit of time to adjust to it, but once it did, my skin began to glow.

I really love both of their skin care lines, and feel confident in recommending them to all my readers.

So, in my expert opinion, let me help you decide which to go with:

20-30somethings? You will probably want to go with In an Instant. I honestly know you will love it.

40 on up? Go with the Meaningful Beauty. You will not be disappointed.

We all want to look like a super model, right? Now we can!

Ding ding.

Pork Chop Kids

Now that Chloe is crawling all over the freaking place, I have become a big fan of leg warmers and long socks. Of course I love that they add style, but I love just as much that they protect her innocent little bare skinned knees.

Just recently Mom Fuse gave me the opportunity to try the adorable thigh high socks from Pork Chop Kids. (Sounds risky, but they're not. I promise.)

When they came in the mail, they arrived in this adorable little gift box that made me even more excited to open them.

I immediately put them on my girlie girl, then she proceed to rock those socks all over our apartment!

Okay, so here's what I really love about them vs. the leg warmers I've been using. They don't fall down!!! No matter how crazy she gets in her need for speed, these babies stay up.

I must mention how adorable they are, and how much attention is drawn to Chloe girl when she wears them. And you know how us girls love attention.

Here's whats cool. Pork Chop Kids is offering a discount code to all my readers. So, go check out their website and order some either for you or if you don't have baby girl knees to protect, they would always make an amazing gift. Make sure to use the code: MOM10 for 10% off


Pop the weight off - A giveaway

I love popcorn. I especially love it, not just because it's yummy, but because I love munching on snacks, and this is one I never have to feel guilty about.

Kernel Seasonings recently sent me entire kit to indulge my addiction, and I have to say, I became a fan. Now, they're offering TWO of my readers a chance to win the same package!

First off, you need to understand why you will love this:

And now a word from our sponsor:

To keep your popcorn healthy and tasty, Kernel Season’s, the nation’s number one brand of popcorn seasoning, has introduced a new all natural butter-flavored, zero calorie popcorn spritzer.

A few sprays of Kernel Season’s Popcorn Spritzer (suggested retail, $2.79) adds guilt-free flavor to any bowl of America’s favorite treat. The spritzer, made with a blend of canola, sunflower and corn oils, gives popcorn the taste of buttered movie theater popcorn, with zero fat per serving.

Enjoy it with popcorn alone, or follow the spritzer with one of Kernel Season’s popcorn seasoning flavors from cheesy White Cheddar or Nacho Cheddar, sweet Kettle Corn and savory Ranch for an extra delicious, guilt-free kick of flavor.

Popcorn Spritzer pairs nicely with Kernel Season’s brand new Premium Raw Kernel Popping Corn (suggested retail, $2.39 per one pound pouch), the highest quality popcorn available. Nearly hull-less, this popcorn pops up fluffy, tender and crisp – and weighs in at just 120 calories for five cups.

Kernel Season’s Popcorn Spritzer and Raw Kernel Popping Popcorn are available at grocery stores across America or you can click here to purchase them online.

What you win:
The giveaway package will include the following:

- A bag of stovetop popping corn

- Three bags of microwave popcorn

- Popcorn spritzer

- Six different seasoning flavors.

Now here's how to enter:
  • Become a follower of The Haute Stuff
Extra entries:
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I will announce the winners next Sunday, June 28th.


Fasta Fasta!

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you probably know by now that I'm not a big cooker. In fact, even boiling water seems like a daunting task.

I have even found a way to make eggs faster. The microwave. Oh, how I love the microwave.

So when Mom Fuse asked if I was interested in trying out the Fasta Pasta, I was like um, ya! Because if I can cook something in the microwave then I think it could very well be the product for me.

After using it, I now wonder if I will ever cook or even bake again.  It is awesome.  

Don't believe it works....click here and here for more facts.

Want recipes to try out with it to truly experience it's awesomeness?  Click here.

This is a great product because we are generation on the run.  We have lots to do, reality tv to watch, and children to grow.  

Plus, I just don't like to cook much, so I'm in love.  You gotta try it out.


Going green winner!

Random.org has chosen....

Christy from Magpie Msal!!!

Email me quick, so you can get your bag!!!

Another giveaway, coming right up. Stay tuned.


Envirosax, going green in style * A giveaway

A friend of mine recently turned me on to another company, Envirosax, that has the most amazing reusable bags that are not only green, but incredibly hip and stylish.

As if being green isn't hip and stylish enough.

Anyway, what I was really impressed with is the owners and how they are completely living the green life. They walk the walk and talk the talk, and it's inspiring. Here's a little blurp from their website:

Founded by Belinda and Mark David-Tooze in 2004, Envirosax® originates from Currumbin Valley in South East Queensland, Australia. The Envirosax team uses renewable and recyclable products where possible, and is committed to operating on ecologically sustainable principles.

Situated on 10 acres of pristine Australian rainforest, Belinda, Mark and their three young children live an ecologically sustainable lifestyle with solar hot water and photovoltaic cells for electricity. A sewage system recycles waste water, watering the extensive permaculture gardens and filtered rainwater tanks provide the organic vegetable gardens, fruit trees and the premises with water.

The property also features a forest of over fifteen hundred, fifteen-year-old Hoop Pine trees, each absorbing 44lbs of carbon dioxide per year. These and the 5,000+ other trees on the property, significantly reduce the company's carbon footprint.

They live totally off the grid and are living the sustainable lifestyle that we hope will spread to more and more homes in the future.

One other important thing worth mentioning, is that with every purchase you make, a portion of the proceeds are donated to a charity or non profit organization.

Here's where things really get cool. They are offering one of my readers a bag of their choosing, and trust me, they have a lot to choose from. You could pick one for you, one for your man for Fathers Day, they even have a set for kids!

To enter...you MUST:

  • Visit Envirosax and pick which one bag is the one you'd want to win.  Leave a comment letting me know.
  • Be a follower of this blog.  
  • Be a follower of Le Musings of Moi.  

For extra entries...you CAN:

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I will announce the winners next Sunday, June 14th!

Headband Winners & news of another giveaway

Random.org picked my two winners, and those two lucky girls are....



Jori-o of Jeff & me + three

Email me girls, and let me know which headband you want.

For the rest of you, later today I will be beginning another giveaway! This one is for another awesomely stylish reusable bag, and let me just say, I love them, and so will you.

Come back later, ya hear?


Things I love: Safe products for kids

While I may like to poison myself with Diet Coke and Chocolate Cake, when it comes to my kids, I like to keep them as clean and as pure as I can.

Vivesana is one of the products that has helped me do just that.  It's pure from the inside out, and completely green.  And in case you didn't know, green is very in.  Catch up here.

Not only is it green and clean, but it works and I feel safe sending my kids out in the California sun knowing it won't quit in twenty minutes.

Here is a little more information regarding their product:

~ the first 70% organic baby and high performance sun care on the market.
~ the first 100% natural sun care with strong protection – the highest all-natural SPF (40 & 42) on the market, actually
~ the first sun care - as far as we can tell - to use exclusively US-grown organics and domestic, sustainable, BPA-free packaging.
~ clear application, deep moisturization, and more than a little style.

You can shop their products at www.ViveSana.com. Or read about what they're up to at their blog. And if you really like what you see, join their growing community on Facebook.

In fact, they are offering my readers a special discount...Use the code: LLM&vive25 -- at checkout to receive 25% off, until June 30th.

Another product I have found and loved is So Cozy Hair.  All formulas are paraben-free and housed in 100% recyclable packaging.  Not only do they have a wide array of hair care products, but they also have Boo! Shampoo & Conditioner which rids kids of lice the healthy way.  

Excuse me while I shudder thinking of lice.

Next up:  

Heres what I loved about their products.  Everything is USDA-Certified Organic and at the same time each product is packaged in a way to encourage independent eating.  Did I mention the packaging is BPA free?

Plum Organic Tots Products include the following:

TOTs Mish Mash. This fruit snack encourages self-feeding with its squeezable packaging and kid-friendly re-sealable top. Its freezable pouch makes for both a cool treat during the summer or to keep the lunchbox cool in the fall. TOTs Mish Mash is available in banana, peach, and strawberry flavors and contains no added sugar, juice or colors. Available for a suggested retail price of $1.39 for a single-serving pouch.

TOTs Fruity Fingerfuls.  This blend of freeze-dried fruit and whole grain cereal gives your tot a perfectly balanced handful-sized snack! Available in strawberry, banana and apple flavors, TOTs Fruity Fingerfuls are two snacks in one.  Available for a suggested retail price of $3.39 for pouch of four servings. 

TOTs Fiddlesticks. These gluten-free snack sticks feature the goodness of fruits and veggies baked right in to each grab-able piece. The unique formulation uses garbanzo bean flour and whole grains to make a complete protein for sustained energy; each piece quickly dissolves into soft bites for your tot. TOTs Fiddlesticks are available in berry, banana and apple carrot flavors.  Available for a suggested retail price of $3.49 for a box of six servings.

I've been feeding Chloe the mish mash products and I have never seen her open her mouth so quickly for the next bite.  

If you're interested in trying any of their products, you can find them at Babies R Us!

So, these are just some of the things I have found in my search for my kids purity.  Next on my list is a bible and a maybe even a chastity belt.

Kidding.  About the belt.  

The cutest headband giveaway....everrrrrr

Awhile back in a Things I Love post, I showed off the cutest headband ever that I had found on etsy. I ordered one for Chloe, and almost every day (that we leave the house!) she sports it and gets a ton of oohs and aahs everywhere we go.

They are freaking adorable.

So, get this, Rachelle the owner of KenziePoo is offering to giveaway two headbands of your choice to two of my readers!

Here's what you must do:

Visit her site and leave a comment saying which one you love most.

Become a follower of the Haute Stuff & Le Musings of Moi and leave another comment saying so. (I check to see if you're a follower before I announce the winner)

For extra entries:

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I'll announce the winners on Saturday, June 6th!