Vitamin Shampoo

I love hair. I even went to beauty school, though I dropped out months before graduation. Minor details. See, unfortunately I have a strong sense of smell, and the smell of hair and heads got to me.

Yet, I still love hair and I love the statement hair makes.

Your hair says a lot about you, and more importantly, the smell of your hair says even more. A dirty smelly head? Not such good things. A yummy smelling head? Good things.

Are you following me here?

Consider me, the beauty school scholar, an expert, and just trust me.

This is why I think you should try Vitamin Shampoo. It's so yummy and you will want to eat it. But, don't. It's shampoo.

Why will you love it? Here's why:

And if the ad doesn't sell you, maybe this will. It's sells for around $5! And VitaminShampoo™ products are free of lauryl or laureth sulfates and are paraben free. Did you know that sulfate stuff can cause you to lose hair?!? Um ya, not good. Not good at all.

Trust me. I liked it. I'm the expert, remember?

Where to buy?

Amazon, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Duane Read, Bed Bath & Beyond....and many more.

You'll thank me. Because people will like you better when your hair smells good. And because of that you just might save one girl from dropping out of beauty school.

You can thank me and Mom Fuse later for sharing this important announcement.

Now go, and wash your hair. Make new friends.

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