Vitamin D, Vitamin D, get your Vitamin D!

Even though I live in sunny California, I just can never get enough of the sun. And with being a chick, and having moods and all, Vitamin D is a thing you just can't get enough of. Can I get a what what from you ladies? And men?

Anyway, I just started trying this Wellesse Vitamin D liquid supplement, and let me just say....I LOVE! Even better, my son LOVES. It's liquid sunshine in a bottle. No, really. It is.

Okay, so here's why Vitamin D is important and why I'm certain that every one of you needs it:

1.) A study reported (March 16) at the American Heart Association's annual meeting showed that teens with high intakes of vitamin D may have lower overall body fat and lower amounts of abdominal fat. {Okay, what I wanna know...yes, I'm not a teen, but can I have lower body fat and abdominal fat too?}

2.) The American Academy of Pediatrics raised the Recommended Daily Intake for children from 200 to 400 units in November.

3.) In December, The American Dermatology Association issued a position statement recommending fortified foods and supplements as the preferred vitamin D source, instead of unprotected sun exposure. {Skip the cancer, drink the vitamin.}

4.) A study conducted at the University of Southern California showed a correlation between low vitamin D levels and stunted growth and weight gain in girls.

Also, liquid supplements are very family friendly -- especially for those who don't like to or have difficulty swallowing pills.

I don't know about you but I want strong bones, a happy brain, and lower body fat would be nice too.

You can find Wellesse liquid vitamin D is found at Walgreens and drugstore.com. And for a $2.00 off coupon go to www.Wellesse.com.

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