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I think I've established now that I'm very into hair. (Hair, not heads. Let's be clear.) I'm a beauty school expert. Only I quit months before graduation. I wanted to be a mom instead...Aw, the innocent dreams of the young.

So far, in my hair reviews, I haven't steered any of you wrong...right?

I'm always on the lookout for new products that not just smell amazing but work as well. One of the things I've been looking for lately is a really good gel or mousse to help with my ever confused hair.

My hair doesn't want to be straight and it doesn't want to be curly. And it's the kind of middle of the road hair that doesn't look good when air dried. I either have to flat iron it for a silky smooth look or scrunch the heck out of it to create some wave. The problem is I haven't been able to find anything that helps form super cute wave AND keeps it that way for the entire day.

So when Mom Fuse sent me J Life Surf Girl Sea Salt Spray ($16), I was a skeptic from the beginning. In fact, I even told them that I most likely wasn't going to be a fan, and they told me it was okay, to just be honest...

So, this morning after washing my hair, I brushed it out and parted it down the middle. Then I got out the spray and started going to town. Once I felt I had thoroughly drenched my hair in it, I flipped my hair upside down and started scrunching. Once that was done, I decided to take a bunch of small pieces and twist them as the directions suggested. Then I went to put on my makeup and get dressed, while I allowed my hair to dry.

Here's what it looked like about 20 minutes after applying the product:

I went to church, and I actually got a few compliments on my hair! But, the real test was seeing if it made it through the day, the entire day! About 10 hours later, I took another picture. And honestly, I liked my hair even more the longer I had the product in! The waves stayed soft and touchable, and the nice thing is tomorrow I can just spritz some more in, and go along with my day.

I think I may have found the match made in heaven for my confused hair. I guess it pays to move out of the norm and try something different every once in awhile.

Okay, so now you want it right? If so, you can find it at salons or online here. They have so many products to choose from, that I'm sure if this isn't the one for you, you will have no problem finding the one that is.

Happy Hair Days to You!

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