Stuff I love...and You Should Too!

My Mark Webstore (ssaldana.mymarkstore.com): I mostly have this set up because I love the makeup and get to buy at discount for being a rep. But, if you check out the website and there's anything you want to try, let me know, and I can get you the hook ups!

Little Brown Crane: My brother-in-laws sister has this website called Little Brown Crane. She makes everything on there herself, and it's seriously the cutest and most well made stuff you'll find. You have to check it out.

My Favorite Hair Care Product: This stuff is called Fashionista Smooth & Shine by TIGI. I love it because it protects your hair from the sun, the blow dryer, and the flat iron! And as a bonus it also completely smoothes your hair and takes out any frizz you may have. After I shower and brush out my hair, I smooth it all throughout my hair and then style. After I'm done flat ironing, wa la, I need no other product. This stuff is awesome!

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