Stop, Drop & Spray!

We've all heard the story about the child in the emergency room because she had licked her hands that had hand sanitizer with alcohol in it. Right? Even if it's not true, there is some truth in that alcohol is not good to be putting on our kids let alone our own hands. Did you know that alcohol dries out your hands? That it makes you skin age? Do you really think we need that?!?

Do I hear a resounding NO?!?

As if those reasons aren't enough, let me just scare you by saying that alcohol can catch fire when exposed to flames. Now, did you know that?!?

Okay, so to be honest. Even knowing what I know, I've still been using the stuff. I just get too grossed out by public bathroom germs and such. And especially with a newborn and a toddler, I keep that stuff glued to my 3 years old hands much too often.

I was so relieved when Mom Fuse allowed me the opportunity to try Remi-D.

Remi-D is an all-natural hand sanitizing product BUT without the Alcohol, Triclosan and Parabens. (I actually don't really know what that means, I'm just guessing by the sound of it, they aren't good!) The only thing Remi-D does to your hands is clean them. Cool huh? And instead of it being a liquid goop that comes out, it's a spray. You just spritz spritz, and off you go. And you know I'm all about making you people smell better, so of course, it has a light subtle cucumber-y smell.

As always, let me share with you where to find this awesome product:

Remi-D hand sanitizing products are available at fine drug and food stores. Including:
The Food Emporium
Food Basics
Super Fresh
Market Basket
Quality Markets
Big Y
Kinney Drug

Cheers to not catching on fire and toddlers not getting sick.

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