Need a break?

And now a word from our sponsors....

Thanks to Mom Fuse, I've been turned on to this awesome website, Care.com.

Care.com helps families like yours in communities all across the country find trustworthy caregivers -- for child care (including care for children with special needs), senior care, pet care, tutoring, and housekeeping.

The awesome thing about this website is that with the Premium Membership, you are granted access to any providers resume and a background check! As we've been searching for a babysitter and a new housecleaner...(my Tiffany bracelet went missing after my last housecleaner was here!!!), that is definitely a high priority for me.

I have also really been appreciating the articles they have on there as well. With any search from Child Care to Elderly Care and everything in between, there are several article links that have a ton of helpful and useful information relevant to your search.

And if you don't find what you're looking for or want a quicker way, there's even a section for you to post the type of help or care you are seeking.

Not looking for a provider but instead want to be one? Well now, there's a whole section for you as well!

I mean, come on....we all need a break from someone or something in our life! Why not pay someone else to take care of it for a day (week, month, year....!

So, go check it out!

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