Lush Lashes: Found

I am so sorry that I have steered you wrong.

I thought I loved this mascara, but how quickly I can turn. As I mentioned before here, I have been trying a new kind. And I am madly in love. For so many reasons, Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes, has stolen my heart. I think I may be loyal for quite some time now.

My lashes now touch my eyebrows. And they fan out. And when I accidentally rub my eyes, it doesn't flake or smudge. It's kind of like a waterproof mascara, only it's not. My other favorite thing about it, is when I wash it off. As soon as I put my washcloth to my eyes, the mascara just falls off. No smearing, no smudging, so staining the washcloth.... It's like magic. And I'm so hooked.

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