Cleaning in Style

We have a lot to do these days.

Showering, eating, breathing...blogging, and as always, the dreaded task of cleaning. I mean, the cleaning alone can take half the day what with the extra steps of remembering where you have hidden the supplies, going to get them, actually doing the cleaning, and then woah of all woahs, having to go and put it away when you're done.

I'm tired just thinking about it all actually.

But, not to worry. Clorox has come up with a way to solve this issue, and I'm lucky enough to bring such good news to you.

It's called Redesign Clean. And what is so revolutionary about these new canisters of cleanliness, is that it takes out the step of getting out and putting away. Because, like a cute box of tissue, this can also stay on the counter, desk, or more realistically...the living room floor, all the while adding in a dash of design and style.

We can all still be clean, but now have the time to possibly do the little things we could never squeeze in before. Like eating a doughnut.

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