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Just a friendly reminder that my contest for the Joyce Meyer DVD ends tomorrow. And to be eligible, you have to be a follower of this blog.

Once I pick the winner, I'll be checking the name against the followers list. Rules are rules people. =)

Happy contesting.

And just so you know...in the future...this blog will be having lots more contests and giveaways...so stay tuned.


Vitamin D, Vitamin D, get your Vitamin D!

Even though I live in sunny California, I just can never get enough of the sun. And with being a chick, and having moods and all, Vitamin D is a thing you just can't get enough of. Can I get a what what from you ladies? And men?

Anyway, I just started trying this Wellesse Vitamin D liquid supplement, and let me just say....I LOVE! Even better, my son LOVES. It's liquid sunshine in a bottle. No, really. It is.

Okay, so here's why Vitamin D is important and why I'm certain that every one of you needs it:

1.) A study reported (March 16) at the American Heart Association's annual meeting showed that teens with high intakes of vitamin D may have lower overall body fat and lower amounts of abdominal fat. {Okay, what I wanna know...yes, I'm not a teen, but can I have lower body fat and abdominal fat too?}

2.) The American Academy of Pediatrics raised the Recommended Daily Intake for children from 200 to 400 units in November.

3.) In December, The American Dermatology Association issued a position statement recommending fortified foods and supplements as the preferred vitamin D source, instead of unprotected sun exposure. {Skip the cancer, drink the vitamin.}

4.) A study conducted at the University of Southern California showed a correlation between low vitamin D levels and stunted growth and weight gain in girls.

Also, liquid supplements are very family friendly -- especially for those who don't like to or have difficulty swallowing pills.

I don't know about you but I want strong bones, a happy brain, and lower body fat would be nice too.

You can find Wellesse liquid vitamin D is found at Walgreens and drugstore.com. And for a $2.00 off coupon go to www.Wellesse.com.


A giveaway to get your mind right....

I think most of you are women.

And if I'm right on that, then you might agree that most of us have troubles with our thoughts. Battling those fun mind issues we got to inherit as the lucky women we are.

We go deep, we get overwhelmed, anxious, negative, depessed....and it goes on and on.  We get trapped in such crazy thought patterns, and after awhile it's hard to get out of it.

For a long time, I've enjoyed the writing and teaching of Joyce Meyers. She's a tell it like it is kind of a gal. I always admire that about people. And she is so full of wisdom. She has been there, done that, bought the T shirt.

I've been lucky enough to be able to give away TWO copies of Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind DVD.

Are you so excited?

Two of you are about to become emotionally whole.

The rest of us...well....I guess if we want the same we should buy the DVD ourselves.

Okay, to enter....

  • MANDATORY:  Become a follower of this blog {The Haute Stuff} and leave a comment letting me know you've done so.
  • Extra entry:  Become a follower of Le Musings of Moi or let me know if you already are (in the comments).  
  • Extra entry:  Blog about the contest and link back to The Haute Stuff.
Let's all raise our water glasses and cheers to becoming Emotionally Whole.  {First we toss our scales, we believe we're beautiful, and now Joyce comes to fix the rest!}

Contest ends on Saturday, May 2. I'll announce the winners here!


Healthy Times Baby Care

I have found yet another thing I love and need to share with everyone!

My son has pretty sensitive skin and is prone to little bumps on his arms and legs. So, ever since he was a baby I've had to try out different natural products to keep his skin smooth and soft. So far the only thing I've found is the Arbonne Baby Wash & Lotion. As great as it is, it's actually pretty expensive, which has been the only downside.

But, just recently one of my friends told me about Healthy Times. We actually have a store down the street, so I headed over and bought the baby wash and lotion. For only $5, I figured it was worth trying out. We've been using it now for a few weeks, and I have to say I LOVE it!!! It smells sooo yummy that when he's all cleaned up, I just want to snuggle him and breathe him in. But even better, his bumps are clearing up...and I'm not spending $30 like I was on Arbonne!

If you have babies or kids, sensitive or not, you need to try this out!!!


Little Brown Crane: An Etsy Find

My sister's sister in law, (you follow that?) has amazing talent. In fact, she's being scouted to submit samples to be bought!!! Ya, she's that good.

I just put in an order for a changing pad, and it's the most adorable thing ever.

But, wait! That's only the beginning of what she designs. Cute reversible pinafores, snugly mats, blankets & gift sets....and much more.

What's even better is that she will do custom orders as far as fabrics are concerned.

Her stuff is amazing. You have to check it out! Little Brown Crane.

Lush Lashes: Found

I am so sorry that I have steered you wrong.

I thought I loved this mascara, but how quickly I can turn. As I mentioned before here, I have been trying a new kind. And I am madly in love. For so many reasons, Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes, has stolen my heart. I think I may be loyal for quite some time now.

My lashes now touch my eyebrows. And they fan out. And when I accidentally rub my eyes, it doesn't flake or smudge. It's kind of like a waterproof mascara, only it's not. My other favorite thing about it, is when I wash it off. As soon as I put my washcloth to my eyes, the mascara just falls off. No smearing, no smudging, so staining the washcloth.... It's like magic. And I'm so hooked.

The iBoss

I found something I love, and I am so excited!

It's called the iBoss, and I think every family that has kids (or husbands..he he) needs to have this in their home.

Or even, any company who wants to keep their employees accountable to their work time web surfing. About.com, Burger King, and Planned Parenthood are just a few of the top names that use the IBoss. As well as many churches and other non profit organizations.

After I watched that Oprah episode and saw just how scary it can be on the internet, especially for kids, I knew I wanted to do something that would protect my own as much as I could.

I only had to set it up on one computer and then it runs on every computer in the house or that comes into the house. Not to mention it protects our computers from bugs, spyware, virus', and other bad stuff. It's awesome, affordable, and makes you feel safe.


· Easily Control When and Where Your Children Surf
· Protect Your Children from Online Predators
· Monitor Your Children's Online Activity
· Manage Time Spent Online
· Prevent Viruses & Spyware
· Share Your Internet with Multiple Computers (Wired & Wireless)
· One Device Protects and Manages All Your Computers
· Works with Mac, Windows, and Linux
· Absolutely No Software to Install
· Built-in Firewall Protects Against Online Threats
· Guard Your Children from Inappropriate Content/Set Different Settings for Different Kids

I highly recommend this as I've been using it for months now and love it! Go to www.iphantom.com and use the code Family Safe at checkout to get 10% off!

Surfer Girl Hair

I think I've established now that I'm very into hair. (Hair, not heads. Let's be clear.) I'm a beauty school expert. Only I quit months before graduation. I wanted to be a mom instead...Aw, the innocent dreams of the young.

So far, in my hair reviews, I haven't steered any of you wrong...right?

I'm always on the lookout for new products that not just smell amazing but work as well. One of the things I've been looking for lately is a really good gel or mousse to help with my ever confused hair.

My hair doesn't want to be straight and it doesn't want to be curly. And it's the kind of middle of the road hair that doesn't look good when air dried. I either have to flat iron it for a silky smooth look or scrunch the heck out of it to create some wave. The problem is I haven't been able to find anything that helps form super cute wave AND keeps it that way for the entire day.

So when Mom Fuse sent me J Life Surf Girl Sea Salt Spray ($16), I was a skeptic from the beginning. In fact, I even told them that I most likely wasn't going to be a fan, and they told me it was okay, to just be honest...

So, this morning after washing my hair, I brushed it out and parted it down the middle. Then I got out the spray and started going to town. Once I felt I had thoroughly drenched my hair in it, I flipped my hair upside down and started scrunching. Once that was done, I decided to take a bunch of small pieces and twist them as the directions suggested. Then I went to put on my makeup and get dressed, while I allowed my hair to dry.

Here's what it looked like about 20 minutes after applying the product:

I went to church, and I actually got a few compliments on my hair! But, the real test was seeing if it made it through the day, the entire day! About 10 hours later, I took another picture. And honestly, I liked my hair even more the longer I had the product in! The waves stayed soft and touchable, and the nice thing is tomorrow I can just spritz some more in, and go along with my day.

I think I may have found the match made in heaven for my confused hair. I guess it pays to move out of the norm and try something different every once in awhile.

Okay, so now you want it right? If so, you can find it at salons or online here. They have so many products to choose from, that I'm sure if this isn't the one for you, you will have no problem finding the one that is.

Happy Hair Days to You!

Vitamin Shampoo

I love hair. I even went to beauty school, though I dropped out months before graduation. Minor details. See, unfortunately I have a strong sense of smell, and the smell of hair and heads got to me.

Yet, I still love hair and I love the statement hair makes.

Your hair says a lot about you, and more importantly, the smell of your hair says even more. A dirty smelly head? Not such good things. A yummy smelling head? Good things.

Are you following me here?

Consider me, the beauty school scholar, an expert, and just trust me.

This is why I think you should try Vitamin Shampoo. It's so yummy and you will want to eat it. But, don't. It's shampoo.

Why will you love it? Here's why:

And if the ad doesn't sell you, maybe this will. It's sells for around $5! And VitaminShampoo™ products are free of lauryl or laureth sulfates and are paraben free. Did you know that sulfate stuff can cause you to lose hair?!? Um ya, not good. Not good at all.

Trust me. I liked it. I'm the expert, remember?

Where to buy?

Amazon, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Duane Read, Bed Bath & Beyond....and many more.

You'll thank me. Because people will like you better when your hair smells good. And because of that you just might save one girl from dropping out of beauty school.

You can thank me and Mom Fuse later for sharing this important announcement.

Now go, and wash your hair. Make new friends.

Pantene Pro-V

For some fun reason, pregnancy has totally dried out my hair and is causing all kinds of breakage that I've never experienced before. So not cute, and since my hair is something I can still kinda control at this point in my body changing, I am doing what I can. I've been using it every time I wash my hair, per my ever so knowledgeable stylist Aviva, and I swear in two months it's done dramatic amazing things. Even Aviva noticed my healthier locks at my last appt. I, of course, kept my cheap drugstore miracle product to myself. I wasn't sure she'd approve of such a product, but now I think I'm ready to come out with it.

I used to be a salon name brand product snob (due to all my time in beauty school), but I think I'm starting to come around. You should definitely give this one a shot. I luv it! Click here to see what I'm talking about.

Stuff I love...and You Should Too!

My Mark Webstore (ssaldana.mymarkstore.com): I mostly have this set up because I love the makeup and get to buy at discount for being a rep. But, if you check out the website and there's anything you want to try, let me know, and I can get you the hook ups!

Little Brown Crane: My brother-in-laws sister has this website called Little Brown Crane. She makes everything on there herself, and it's seriously the cutest and most well made stuff you'll find. You have to check it out.

My Favorite Hair Care Product: This stuff is called Fashionista Smooth & Shine by TIGI. I love it because it protects your hair from the sun, the blow dryer, and the flat iron! And as a bonus it also completely smoothes your hair and takes out any frizz you may have. After I shower and brush out my hair, I smooth it all throughout my hair and then style. After I'm done flat ironing, wa la, I need no other product. This stuff is awesome!

My Sisters Keeper

I just finished the book "My Sisters Keeper" last week and I still can't get it out of my head. It's that good. It's so good that I wish I had come up with the idea and written it myself. Except I wouldn't have because it had way to much medical mumbo jumbo that would take far too long to research for me to get the facts right. And we know by now how I am with things messing with my creative juices.

This book was amazing. The story itself was incredible and touching and in addition I loved how Jodi Picoult wrote each chapter in a different characters perspective. I found myself totally agreeing and relating with one person and hating the rest, until I got to the next chapter and suddenly I felt sympathetic towards that person as well. By the time I finished the book, I loved and understood every single person in the story.

There are moments of tears, frustration and sadness, but I promise it all ends well and it is worth every emotion you feel along the way. There were so many parts that I was shocked by that I would grab Jimmy and read it out loud to him so he could feel the shock along with me. I don't think I've ever done that with a book and him before.

So, there. My new favorite this week. There are only a few books that I love, love, love (Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas is one...), and this one made it to my top five for sure.

Emotional Veil

Im reading this book, Rewriting Your Emotional Script, and it's been on my mind a lot. As I closed the book after reading the first chapter the other night, I started to pray before I went to sleep. I wasn't even praying about what I had read, but this one phrase kept coming into my mind.

"Emotional Veil"

Now days later, I still can't get it out of my head.

My thought is that it relates to how I see truth. Or what I perceive to be true anyway. I've been realizing that in growing up I have allowed myself to believe things based on my emotions or based on what others have said or thought about me. And that really, it's not how God intended me to see things at all. I know that God created me to be a certain way and that he gave me this life for a reason, and unless I see things the way HE sees things, I am not really living out the life he planned for me to have.

I just need to find a way to see the truth through the "emotional veil" that has been sewn together, stitch by stitch, over the years.

Guess it's good that I'm reading this book. ;-)

Goodnight Nobody

I just finished reading this book in about three days. I was hooked immediately when I started to read about the stay at home mom who didn't feel like she fit in with the "mom's who do everything right and by the book" in her neighborhood. She basically feels like she's a nobody. Just a housewife. (Which her husband actually calls her in the story!) She gets caught up in trying to investigate the murder of one her neighbors, mostly because she feels bored with her life and just needs something to do. In the end, she realizes that the lives of these "perfect" moms aren't so perfect after all. I kept thinking how weird that I got hooked....it just doesn't have any relevance to my life whatsoever! ;-) Well, definitely not the murder part.

Although the book wasn't deep by any means, it still made me think about being a mom, and my role. Which I often think about anyway, since it's what I do all day every day. No matter how put together a mom may seem, we are all having issues behind closed doors. That may mean not showering but a few times a week, to something much larger. But, hey they're all issues!!!

Being a mom is amazing and wonderful, but it's also very "other" oriented, and not much about us. We don't get raises, we don't get reviews, we don't get a pat on the back for a task well done, and we don't get the satisfaction of a clean desk with the to do list all checked off when we go home. Our job begins when we wake up and ends when we go to sleep, which often times, goes right along with the times our kids wake up and also fall asleep. Can you imagine a life where every night before you tucked in your kids, they said..."Mom, you did just amazing today. I really loved how you followed through with your threats by putting me in time out the first time I disobeyed. I can really see how you are molding me into a better person. Thank you for loving me so much to say no. I adore you mom, and I can't wait for yet another day of life lessons with a beautiful, thin, and wise mommy. Oh, and just because I love you so much, I'm going to sleep till nine tomorrow. Kiss kiss."

It's been difficult for me sometimes. I miss getting dressed up all cute, and having somewhere to go. I watch Jimmy go and head to hang with his friends, have adult talk, do something useful with his time. He gets two ten minute breaks, and an hour lunch in which he can do ANYTHING he wants to. I often tease Jimmy that he gets to go to work to take a break and hang out with his friends all day. Work Schmork. Then he gets to come home to a child who has missed him and can't wait to see him. And their two hours together for the day are blissful as they walk off into the sunset. =)


But, of course, that's not the reality. And when I really think about it, I know that. What is reality is that I get to be the one to kiss my son when he gets hurt, I get to snuggle him in my bed in the morning while we slowly wake up together. I get to run to Target for a wander-less trip for an hour, and not have to rush off to do anything other than what I have decided to plan. (Unless of course, he's throwing a fit over a toy we aren't buying...but, really, how often does that happen? ha ha) I can go to the gym three days a week, and take full advantage of the childcare. I get to plan walks with my neighbors and allow our kids to sit and babble to each other while in the joggers. I get to basically, mostly, plan our time together so that when he remembers his childhood, he'll remember that it was spent with a mommy who loved to be with him so much.

I really am blessed...and like that song I posted earlier, I know that what I am giving will all be worth it in the end. I'm changing the world by raising a child who is loved and cared for. (And by cared for, I mean, he's dressed, fed, and alive.)

My last thought is this, I think it's so important that women are honest with each other. There is nothing wrong with striving to be better, but be honest about your faults, your issues, your stuff....that's what will help encourage each other and build each other up. Not that we need to be drowning in our sorrows together, but sometimes it helps just to know that we are all human. We are not alone. And we are really more alike than a lot of us realize.

And I thought I was going to be reading a mindless novel by Jennifer Weiner.

Cleaning in Style

We have a lot to do these days.

Showering, eating, breathing...blogging, and as always, the dreaded task of cleaning. I mean, the cleaning alone can take half the day what with the extra steps of remembering where you have hidden the supplies, going to get them, actually doing the cleaning, and then woah of all woahs, having to go and put it away when you're done.

I'm tired just thinking about it all actually.

But, not to worry. Clorox has come up with a way to solve this issue, and I'm lucky enough to bring such good news to you.

It's called Redesign Clean. And what is so revolutionary about these new canisters of cleanliness, is that it takes out the step of getting out and putting away. Because, like a cute box of tissue, this can also stay on the counter, desk, or more realistically...the living room floor, all the while adding in a dash of design and style.

We can all still be clean, but now have the time to possibly do the little things we could never squeeze in before. Like eating a doughnut.

Don't get cancer!

Okay, so since I'm including this awesome Nail Polish in my Care Package Giveaway, I wanted to fill you in on why exactly I love it so much.

First of all, duh, it's Nail Polish. I'm a girl. Reason One.

But, what makes it different and sets it apart from all the others is that it's Formaldehyde, Totuene, and Phthalate free. You may not understand those words, but I'll tell you why they're bad. They've been linked to cancer and birth defects. So, ya, not so good. Read more about why exactly that stuff is bad, here.

(See, I saved you from catching on fire, and now I'm saving you from cancer! You can thank me later!)

So that's Reason Number Two.

Reason Number Three: I've been wearing this polish for a few weeks now, and I have to say I love it just as much as my other stuff. But what I really like about it is that I can feel safe putting it on my daughters nails when she gets a little older.

(You must really love me now that I just saved your children as well. I know, I know, I should sport a halo...)

And though my word is probably enough, you should know that I'm not the only one who thinks this stuff rocks. It's also been featured in top magazines such as Elle, In Style, Marie Claire & Seventeen. Reason Number Four.

So if you don't win this in The Care Package Giveaway, go online and save yourself from cancer. You can buy it for only $6.99 at www.bynubar.com.

Stop, Drop & Spray!

We've all heard the story about the child in the emergency room because she had licked her hands that had hand sanitizer with alcohol in it. Right? Even if it's not true, there is some truth in that alcohol is not good to be putting on our kids let alone our own hands. Did you know that alcohol dries out your hands? That it makes you skin age? Do you really think we need that?!?

Do I hear a resounding NO?!?

As if those reasons aren't enough, let me just scare you by saying that alcohol can catch fire when exposed to flames. Now, did you know that?!?

Okay, so to be honest. Even knowing what I know, I've still been using the stuff. I just get too grossed out by public bathroom germs and such. And especially with a newborn and a toddler, I keep that stuff glued to my 3 years old hands much too often.

I was so relieved when Mom Fuse allowed me the opportunity to try Remi-D.

Remi-D is an all-natural hand sanitizing product BUT without the Alcohol, Triclosan and Parabens. (I actually don't really know what that means, I'm just guessing by the sound of it, they aren't good!) The only thing Remi-D does to your hands is clean them. Cool huh? And instead of it being a liquid goop that comes out, it's a spray. You just spritz spritz, and off you go. And you know I'm all about making you people smell better, so of course, it has a light subtle cucumber-y smell.

As always, let me share with you where to find this awesome product:

Remi-D hand sanitizing products are available at fine drug and food stores. Including:
The Food Emporium
Food Basics
Super Fresh
Market Basket
Quality Markets
Big Y
Kinney Drug

Cheers to not catching on fire and toddlers not getting sick.

Need a break?

And now a word from our sponsors....

Thanks to Mom Fuse, I've been turned on to this awesome website, Care.com.

Care.com helps families like yours in communities all across the country find trustworthy caregivers -- for child care (including care for children with special needs), senior care, pet care, tutoring, and housekeeping.

The awesome thing about this website is that with the Premium Membership, you are granted access to any providers resume and a background check! As we've been searching for a babysitter and a new housecleaner...(my Tiffany bracelet went missing after my last housecleaner was here!!!), that is definitely a high priority for me.

I have also really been appreciating the articles they have on there as well. With any search from Child Care to Elderly Care and everything in between, there are several article links that have a ton of helpful and useful information relevant to your search.

And if you don't find what you're looking for or want a quicker way, there's even a section for you to post the type of help or care you are seeking.

Not looking for a provider but instead want to be one? Well now, there's a whole section for you as well!

I mean, come on....we all need a break from someone or something in our life! Why not pay someone else to take care of it for a day (week, month, year....!

So, go check it out!

Holy Water

Many of you know, I'm a lover and a giver. Especially when it comes to Formula. And in making Chloe her drinkie drink, I try to mix the potent powder with only the best water I can find. I've recently been using the PUR Water filter, and have been blissfully happy with it.

Until Mom Fuse brought Zero water into my life.

Though it's a bit more ($39.99 for the pitcher and one filter) than the cost of the Brita or the Pur (Each around $25), for me, for my Chloe, it's definitely worth it.

Why am I so hooked?

Well first of all, it tastes so clean and so crisp and so...healthy. I think it's as close to Holy Water that you can find. But, what really sold me was the TDS Meter (total dissolved solids) that came along with the purifier. This meter shows the amount of dissolved substances in parts per million in the water we drink.

Zero is completely pure. 500 is the maximum that FDA approves.

My husband and I set out to experiment. Tap water? 655! Ew!

Our Pur Water? 349...

Our Zero water? Um, zero. Ya, awesome.

Really, that was all I needed.

Now being the researcher I am, I have been online reading other reviews as well. Some absolutely love it, some are put off by the price, and then there are some that complain about a funky mildew odor after some extended time of use.

So far, I haven't had any issues. Although in this economy, I know cost can definitely be an issue. And if you don't mind solids in your water, then pay less and drink away.

But, if you want solid-less water, then this is definitely the filter to try. Have more questions, click here for the FAQ page. Want to know where to buy it? Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Home Depot.

***Okay, so it's been another month now, and now we get the whole funky mildew thing. The filter seems to last only two or three weeks, and then something sour happens. It's yuk. But, on the happy side...at least for those two or three weeks you get utterly pure water. =)***

The Haute Stuff

I love my blog, Le Musings of Moi, but I was starting to feel like my reviews needed a home of their own. I want a place that I can leave reviews of all the stuff I love...share them all with you, and then let you judge for yourself.

{Judge the products....not me. Understand?}

So, I'm wondering are you Haute? Do you like to hear about the latest stuff? Then get cozy and come back often...because you're in just the right place.

Welcome to The Haute Stuff!